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If the answer to your question or issue is not already written on this page, ask it here and someone may help you. If you have a problem using the comment box on your website, please, post the URL where your comment box is installed.

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What is HTML Comment Box?

HTML Comment Box (HCB) is a website comments solution. As a widget, it can be pasted directly into your website's html. The comment box script provides an easy way for web designers & developers to put a simple comment box on their web page in order to receive comments from visitors. Comments are currently accepted "anonymously", meaning anyone can leave a comment on your page. However, you can delete any undesirable comments you receive by becoming a moderator.

Why would I put HTML Comment Box on my website?
  1. Because building your own working comment box is pretty hard.
  2. Because you can get feedback from your visitors and find out what they really want.
  3. Because it's a very easy way to get user generated content.
  4. Because it's free and frequently updated.
  5. Because you can!

How To

  1. How do I use HTML Comment Box?
    If you know basic HTML this is very straight forward. First you copy the code in the big text box at the top of this site's homepage. Now, you need to be able to access the HTML source code for you web page. In site builders / editors, there is typically a tab or button that says "HTML". You must paste the copied code into the HTML code of your website. The position of the code determines where on the page your comment box shows up. If you're unsure, I'd suggest getting someone who knows HTML to help you.
  2. How do I change the color, size, font (etc.) of my comment box?
    You can do this with CSS just like the rest of your website. See the CSS guide.
  3. How do I moderate (delete) comments?
    Part 1: Sign into Google before copying the code.
    Where you copied the HTML code for the comment box, there is an "options" section. Inside there is a link to "log in" to your Google account. After signing in to Google, copy the HTML code for the comment box. Paste it into your site's HTML.
    Part 2: Delete the undesirable comment.
    You can find an sign in logout link which shows up next to the comment box on your site. After clicking "admin", you'll be able to delete comments by clicking a little delete comment link to the left of them.
  4. How do I change the options if I've already copied it previously.
    Just re-copy the code from this site's homepage with the desired options checked, and paste the new code over your old code (which you copied previously), replacing it.
  5. How do I get rid of the "by HTML Comment box" link?
    Go here and follow the instructions. Removing the link costs 99 cents per month, payable via credit card. ONLY paying in this way works. Other donations DO NOT result in link removal.
  6. How do I change the text in the comment box form (ie, into another language) ? Labels and text in the comment box can be changed in the advanced settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I make changes to my website will I lose my existing comments?
  2. If I change the URL of my website will I lose my existing comments?
    Yes, but you can get them back by entering copying the code again, entering the old "Page URL" before doing so. Specifically, add this above your comment box code.
                    hcb_user = {
                      PAGE: ""
  3. If I re-copy the htmlcommentbox code will I lose my existing comments?
    Only if you become the moderator (or quit being one). The other options don't affect your existing comments.
  4. What can be submitted in the comments box?
    Currently, only a very limited set of html tags are supported. <b> (bold) <i> (italic) <u> (underline)
  5. Will the box work with my online site builder (like Google Sites,, Weebly)? HCB works with some site builders, and has problems with others. Luckily, it's easy just to paste the code and see if it works!
  6. There is no captcha! Will I get bot spam?
    There has not been much trouble with bot spam so far because reading HTML Comment Box requires javascript, which most bots don't understand. If spam becomes a big problem in the future, I'll implement a captcha.
  7. Can I have more than one comment box per page? no.
  8. So HTML Comment Box is Free? Who pays for storage / bandwidth of comments? HCB is free for everyone to use for now, and will probably always be free for low bandwidth users (under 100 visits / day). There is currently no limit on the amount of page views or stored comments, so please be reasonable. As more people, particularly larger sites, adopt HTML Comment Box, I will eventually have to start charging a fee for heavy users (less than 2% of you would probably qualify).

Common Problems

  1. My Comment button says "Disabled (publish first)"
    You should follow the instructions on the button and publish your website. Your website needs to be "on the internet" for comments to work.
  2. I can't moderate (delete) comments:
    Please ensure you are logged in to Google before you copy the code. This is vital because when you are logged in the code changes, making you the Moderator. Also, try using firefox. IE is reported to have issues deleting comments sometimes. Finally, HCB requires that you enable cookies in your web browser. In firefox, you can do this by going to
    tools -> options -> security (tab) -> "Accept third-party cookies". You may have to select "Use custom settings for history" in order to see this option.
  3. My comment box looks "messed up" in some way:
    There are a couple possibilities. First try copying the most recent code from the homepage into your HTML, replacing your old one. If this fixes the problem, I apologize for the backwards incompatibility.
    The other possibility is the comment box is conflicting with your website's CSS. You can probably make your box look better using the techniques from the CSS guide.
  4. It says, HTML Comment box is loading...
    This could mean you have a javascript error. This can be caused by pasting code into something that's not intended for javascript code (or widgets). Some site builders insert <br> tags, which breaks javascript code, for instance.
  5. Some characters (like ő, ű) aren't showing up in my comments! Why? This is because HTML Comment Box only supports the UTF-8 character set. Here's a good article from HTML Purifier which explains why you should probably be using UTF-8 too.
If you are still having problems, please report them in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

Technical Stuff & Acknowledgements

  1. Comments are Identified by URL
    The comments are saved for each unique page (URL), so in the case where 2 URLs map to the same page, you may see different comments depending on the URL.
  2. SEO considerations and javascript
    Google now appears to index your comments based on tests I've done! This means your visitors' comments can show up in Google search results.
  3. Silk icon set
    HCB now uses the silk icon set because it's pretty, and a couple icons from the glyphicons set.